When you purchase the G&P Dessert Book, you receive unlimied special offers at each restaurant. Additionally, a portion of each Dessert Book sold will go directly to our partnering charity, KC Kansas Angels.  G&P Dessert Books will start shipping immediately. The G&P Dessert Book expires November 30, 2021.



We value building community around foster and kinship families who care for children who have been through trauma, abuse, and neglect to show them they are not alone. Our program utilizes a trauma-informed, wrap-around support service model that can help strengthen families.

We value empowering volunteers to make a consistent difference that is both meaningful and powerful in a child’s life. When foster families are matched with committed volunteers who show up monthly, parents feel supported and children gain a greater sense of belonging and self-confidence.

We value the gift of hope for every child to find healing and reach their fullest potential. We know the value of love, friendship, and positive role models to speak truth and life into the children in our programs and the selfless people who care for them.

G&P Dessert Book KC Kansas Angels